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Some Quick Business Ideas for You to Start or Learn About. Maybe you can start some of them in your area:- Click Here to be taken to Next page

Some of the ideas might be old and tried but all workable. We are adding weekly new Business  Ideas so please bookmark this page.

For some general every day tips & secrets:- Click Here to Tips & Tricks

Remember that there are a lot of tax benefits when starting your own business running it from your home.
PLEASE EMAIL ME: If you want to know more!!!
Also we must inform you that you can get a subsidized loan from the South African government for starting
certain business where you employ people.

Bizz Idea - Start your own Car Audio Installation from Home
All you ever wanted to know about installing car audio systems. The pro's and con's .
Get the following information FREE and start your own Business. Never look back and enjoy working from home. :
Planning a car audio system installation
Five ways to judge your car stereo speakers
The five most common mistakes when buying car speakers
Car audio mistakes
Things to look for when buying car stereo speakers
Building the best car stereo system
Should cars have high end audio cables
and many more Click Here and have a look for yourself.
 Bizz Idea - Extra Cash Walking Dogs
One of the best ways to make extra cash that you have probably never thought of is walking dogs.
More people today than ever before have dogs as pets.
But the fact of the matter is that they do not want to take the time to walk them for one reason of the next.
Some people do not have the time to walk their dog because they are always at work, and others are too old to keep up.
So what do these people do?
Simply enough they hire somebody that walks dogs.
Anybody can get started in this industry with a little bit of money and time.
To view Article Click Here (link opens to a new window)
Musician Gazette
Publish a weekly or monthly newspaper for ambitious amateur musicians. This publication might include ads from :
1) Employers seeking musicians.
2) Retailers selling equipment accessories and supplies.
3) People selling used equipment.
4) Musicians seeking to make contact with other musicians.
Also publish interesting editorials and letters.
Sell Oil Paintings
Buy and sell oil paintings.
Buy new paintings from struggling artists and sell them from a roadside stand or a stall at a crafts fair.
Children's Letter of the Month Club
Here is a really simple business anyone with a flair for communicating with children can turn into a great income. What you do is create a subscription "letter of the month" club for children. Every month you write a personalized letter on a specific theme and mail it to the child.
For example, if your theme is exotic places, you could call yourself Traveling Tina and write a letter that both entertains and teaches about a different local each week.
You do not have to write a personal letter to each child. Simply create a "boiler plate" document and use your computer to insert the child's name in relevent places. You can also have the parent fill out a form that further personalizes the letter with the names of pets, playmates, food likes and dislikes, etc. To make your service really unique, include a low cost gift with each letter, like a bookmark or picture.
Market your club in national parents magazines and sell one year subscriptions for
Luck Charms
With the popularity of state lotteries a good business idea would be to sell lucky charms in the locations where lottery tickets are sold. Sell, for example: Rabbits feet, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. Start by tracking down trade sources of lucky charms.
Stylistic House Numbers
Paint on wood stylistic house numbers and names. These painted numbers and names will be an attractive alternative to the traditional names burned into sliced logs. Get your work stocked at shops which sell garden products or household goods.
Aromatic Herb Air Fresheners
Make up pretty bags filled with Aromatic Herbs which are designed for hanging in the home or car. Add and elastic string to each bag so one pull will release some of the aroma into the air.
History Photography Service.
Start a life history photography service. Produce an album of photographs which is a photographic history of a client's life. For example: take photographs of a clients hospital of birth, former schools, places of work, houses or apartments they once lived in, etc.
Tree Growing Kit
Put together a kit for growing trees from seeds. In each kit include instructions about how to get the best results. Sell from ads in gardening publications or through suitable shops.
Mobile Handyman
If you are good at home repairs and installing various household items you can make good money simply driving around any middle class neighborhood and offering your services.
Put your tools in your car or truck and hang a sign on the outside that says...
Mobile Handy Man for Hire. Plumbing, Cement, Roofing,
Painting, No job too small. Mobile number -- XXX-XXX-XXXX
Immediate Response
You can also distribute flyers door to door and place small ads in the newspaper classifieds. The going rate for this type of work is R120/$20 -- R300/$50 an hour depending on the job.
Monthly Business Tips Audio Cassette
Publish a monthly audio cassette for one trade, such as restaurants, hair salons, booksellers, etc. Each cassette should give: Trade news, management tips, suggestions for improving sales, etc. Organize a direct mail campaign to recruit subscribers.
Home and Office Inventory
Most insurance companies require insured household possessions to be photographed or videotaped in case they are lost due to fire or theft. Start your own service that uses a camcorder or digital camera to inventory the contents of homes and offices. One neat way to get business is to team up with local insurance companies. Have the insurance company contact their clients using their own letterhead to recommend your service. When the client buys the service, give the insurance agent a referral fee. Standard rates are R250.00 - R300.00 for an average home. The insurance agent gets R50.00 - R100.00 for his effort.
Produce Personalized Christmas cards
Start now already with your Christmas Business setup. These cards are printed on the front with, for example, "Happy Christmas from the Smith Family". Or, instead of the name 'Smith', pick one of the dozens of other popular surnames. Sell packs of these cards by direct mail to people listed in telephone directories.
Instant Photo Buttons
This is a very quick and easy business you can set up just about anywhere there is a large crowd of people. A photo button is a photograph pressed onto a disk that has a pin in the back so it can be attached to clothing. They are impulse items generally purchased by sweethearts, grand- parents, and parents of little leaguers, boy or girl scouts, etc, etc.
You will need a Polaroid color camera and button crimping press.Set up a booth decorated with sample photo buttons showing children, pets, babies, group shots of families and friends, club members, etc. Operate at fairs, carnivals, beaches, resorts, high traffic downtown areas, etc. You can charge as much as $5.00/R20 per button.

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